A week in the life of AgaThor the Super Kitten

As promised, a blog that consists mainly of happy things – that is, a week in the life of AgaThor the Super Kitten as seen through pictures. The last blog post was a little heavy. I hope this one lifts your spirits!

As many of you know, AgaThor has two mom’s. One main mother, that being my own mother, and me, who helps out when she can. Last week, AgaThor, the rest of my mom’s zoo, plus my own two cats (Artemis and Persephone) were my responsibility. In other words, AgaThor and I had a major cuddle session for a week straight. Here are pictures of AgaThor as well as a few photos of his housemates, his lifestyle, his primary house, and his best friend. Enjoy!!!



“Hey, what’s up, guys?” – AgaThor




This is AgaThor’s special homemade food. If you’ve read past blog entries, you know that he has some digestive issues caused by his paralysis. What is in this cold stew, you ask? Check out the recipe below!


KMR = Kitten Milk Replacer; A/D is Science Diet canned wet food. Can you read my mother’s handwriting?



“I can barely see over this stupid cone, you guys.” – AgaThor



“My favorite thing is chillaxin’ in the sun. But, this cone is REALLY messing with my mojo. How am I going to pick up any hot chicks at the beach when I have this on?!” – AgaThor



“Having said that, I’m still a pretty handsome guy…even when wearing The Cone of Shame.” – AgaThor




This is Hannah, AgaThor’s bestest bud! Hannah only visits for about a week out of the month. But, she’s a regular around here. She and AgaThor are only a few months apart in age, hence their friendship. If you’re new to the blog, check older posts for more Hannah info, pics, and vids.




My mom has a bit of a green thumb, unlike me.



This is Austin, the oldest dog in the house. He and his brother were found on the side of the road, ribs protruding. They were about two months old at the time. We found a home for his brother. He is a shy dog; a bit of a reluctant alpha. He loves sticking his nose in the dirt (see picture above) and his man cave (his dog cage).




AgaThor loves to be scratched. Because his rear limbs are, for the most part, paralyzed, he can’t scratch himself. Scratching is one of the main duties, other than food preparation, of his human slaves.





This is Aphrodite, one of AgaThor’s housemates. I named her. All of the pets with awesome names were named by me.  Aphrodite has an alpha personality, just like AgaThor does. So, you rarely see them cuddle. Whenever I was on the couch with Aggie (one of his many nicknames. Others include ‘MagnaForce’), he ran her off if she tried to cuddle with me. “She’s all mine! ME ME ME ME ME.” <-AgaThor. Don’t worry, though. I didn’t always let AgaThor get away with it.




This is Buttons, another of Aggie’s housemates. Her and Aggie don’t interact all that much because she seems to hate other cats and craves only human attention. As you can see, she is trying to lure me into staying in bed with her so she can get more cuddles.




This is Indy. She stays in the art room at my mom’s house because she is scared of her own shadow.  As with all of the other animals in this homestead, she is a rescue. She was feral when she was rescued a few years ago. And, though she has warmed up a little, loud noises will make her run from you very easily. She’s a delicate little butterfly.




“I’m such a hot stud.” – AgaThor sunning himself in the living room





This is Brutus. Or, as I sometimes call him, Mr. Big and Beefy. Or, as my mom sometimes calls him, Boulder Head. A few years ago he (and his companion Caesar) showed up on my mom’s porch demanding love and food. How could we resist?  Caesar, though living on my mother’s property, is still feral, so petting him is rare and getting a photo of him is just as rare. Let’s just say that he is all black, like Brutus, but a bit more slender and less alpha male.  My mother already had more than enough cats inside the house, but don’t worry, folks. They are living the best life that outdoor cats can. They have cat shelters that are heated in the winter, plenty of food and love, and are both neutered. What’s the deal with their names, you ask? Well, they used to be best friends when they arrived. But, not long after, a female cat showed up and Brutus betrayed Caesar, forcing him off of the porch to make room for the new arrival. Hence, his name. She was a gorgeous long-haired tame cat that was already spayed, so, thankfully, we found her a forever home a few months after her arrival. However, there is still, even a couple of years later, tension between the two males that didn’t exist before her arrival. Is anyone interested in converting the Shakespeare tale into a tale about these two?





AgaThor and Hannah sunning themselves together in the living room.



This is the newest piece of Aggie-proof furniture. He really enjoys going up the stairs, but coming down is the problem. So, my mother has had to install this baby gate on the stairs. AgaThor simply hates it. He thinks it’s the worst thing ever.





This is Cocoa. She’s often too wiggly (excitable) to get a good picture of, so this is the best I could do. Austin, seen above, actually picked her out himself. My mother took Austin to the animal rescue and introduced different dogs to him to gauge his reaction. She was the only one that he wagged his tail for. ADOPTED!


Aggie wanted to end the blog on the best note possible, so he’s in his prim and proper pose. He promises that he would be a proper, young man if you invite him to any black tie affairs.

The next blog post will include a video. Is the suspense killing you?

This is the end. I hope you have enjoyed this post, my dear friend.


New medical challenge for AgaThor

Hey, guys! I’m sorry these updates come less and less frequently. When I started this blog I was working less hours and didn’t have much of a social life, so I had a lot more time to devote to this. But, there’s been a lot of activity in AgaThor’s life recently and I think all of you deserve an update. This post will be to the point with nothing held back. Also, because it’s already 11:04pm and I work tomorrow, plus I must do the AgaThor ritual in the morning, I’m short on time, so please excuse errors as I won’t have time to proofread tonight.

About two weeks ago, I came to my mother’s to find AgaThor with an injured leg. My first thought was, “Did he get it caught on one of the dog cages?” I looked at all of the cages and couldn’t find any with blood, skin, or cat hair on it. My second thought was, “No way, did Hannah groom him too hard through her cage?” Again, I looked all around her cage and didn’t see anything. I took a closer look at the wound and saw a bunch of puncture marks, that clearly would have been made by cat teeth rather than dog. My mother arrived at her house about fifteen minutes later to find me in a panic. After hurriedly telling her what I found, she informed me that the same morning she’d found that he’d licked hair off those same spots and there were a couple of bites. She put some Neosporin on it and was going to check it after work. She panicked when she saw it, too. It was much, much worse than it had been that morning. He went to the vet immediately, and the veterinarian was really worried about his leg, saying that it may have to be amputated, but that we’d try him on some really strong antibiotics to give it a chance to heal. Her main concern, however, is why he would do this to himself. She worried it was a neurological condition and that the behavior would continue. She told us we should prepare ourselves for the possibility that he may continue to hurt himself and, therefore, that we may have to put him to sleep.

We decided to go with the strong meds, a cone of shame, and for our vet to consult with a neurologist. For the last week he has been on antibiotics and pain meds. He’s also been given a special bath on his leg to make sure the wound stays clean. Three days ago the vet contacted me to let me know that after consulting with a neurologist, they think it best to try him on anti-depressants to see if, once the cone comes off, that will keep him from harming himself. Today, I had to take him to the vet because he had rectal bleeding and his nose and gums looked pale. Thankfully, the vet thinks my panic wasn’t warranted. She says that the paleness to his nose and gums is because the anti-depressant that he’s on make him have low blood pressure, so she doesn’t think it is because of the bleeding. He has been having some incontinence issues and she believes that is what is causing the rectal bleeding, but told me to keep an eye on it. So, that’s where we stand right now. His cone will not come off until next Tuesday because the vet wants to make sure the anti-depressant is strong in his system before we give it a go. So, dear AgaThor fans, please keep your fingers crossed that the anti-depressant does the trick. I’m not sure what will happen if it does not.

I took some pics the last few days and I will post them on Sunday or Monday.

I hope all of you are well. Sending our best wishes!

AgaThor’s World – June and July 2013

Are you ready for a bevvy of AgaThor images? I certainly hope so. But, check out the video at the bottom of this post as well!

Let the bevvy of pictures begin!







“I just got fluids, guys. Stop making fun of my big neck!”



This is my favorite chair at my vacation home.











Let’s end with a video!


“Mommy, I’m stuck in my kitty bed!”


In Memoriam – Georgie and Punky McNabb

AgaThor would like to dedicate this blog entry to his two older siblings – Georgie and Punky.  Both died of cat food poisoning, just four days apart, despite receiving medical attention on two separate occasions.


Georgie McNabb, aged 11 years. Died on May 16, 2013.



I’m sorry to say this is the only picture of him that I have unpacked so far. He was a quiet, nervous, and shy guy with long fur…who didn’t like to be groomed. He was very reserved, so you knew that when he was rooting on you and purring, he really meant it. Like all of our other cats, he was a rescue.  Later in life he developed severe digestion issues which required a special diet of either raw hamburger or baked Amish chicken. His favorite best friends were Stumpy and Reco, both of whom preceded him in death, and Girly, who is still with us.  Despite force feeding him, giving him fluids and meds, per doctor’s orders, he was down to 5lbs when we took him to the vet. The vet didn’t think his chances were good and that he was suffering. So, we made the difficult decision to put him to sleep. We will miss you, Georgie “JorJor” McNabb.



Punky McNabb, aged 6 years. She died May 19, 2013.

001 (2)

She would root and nurse on the shag rugs (as seen above). After she ingested too much fiber and had to get it surgically removed from her intestines, we removed all of the shag rugs in the house. She was always misbehaving!

punk 002

She was rescued as a kitten from the neighborhood, where approximately 1/4 of all the stray cats are black. When she was a small kitten, we nicknamed her the “crazy attack bat” because she would put her ears back and viciously attack anyone, cat or human, within range. While attacking humans waned as she aged, she never stopped playing like a kitten with the cats and dogs in the house. She grew into an alpha cat who wouldn’t take any nonsense from the other cats. She was VERY vocal. She meowed loudly until you gave her what she wanted. The only cat larger than her was Aphrodite. She had two main cuddle friends – Stumpy, who passed away a couple of years ago, and Aphrodite, who is still with us. Her distant relative, Brutus, still resides on the McNabb family porch.

She, too, was being force fed, given fluids and meds. She seemed a bit stouter than Georgie. On Sunday, she went downhill fast. She passed away in my car as I rushed her to the emergency vet. You will be missed, Punky “Crazy Attack Bat” McNabb.

Tales of AgaThor the Super Kitten, Part 3

I went to visit AgaThor tonight. As soon as I walked in…

AgaThor: “You’ve abandoned me!”

Me: “Your other mother has been taking care of you while I move into my new home.”

AgaThor: “Your new home? More like my bachelor pad. My other mom feeds me and pets me and changes my diapers, but she can’t take pictures of me or use the internet. My fans are forgetting about me!”

Me: “We’re all pretty busy, little guy. And, I kinda posted the video of you scared poopless when you visited my new house. So, no one really thinks you’re a superhero anymore. Just a cute cat in a diaper.”

AgaThor: “WTF, mom! Why don’t you ever post embarrassing stuff about Artemis and Persephone? And, you’re totally messing with my street cred. And, anyway, your house is scary. Even Batman would crap his pants in there.”

Me: “So…you’re saying I’m pretty badass, right? I mean, if I can live there, I must have some super superhero powers, right?”

AgaThor: “Stop trying to steal my thunder.”

Me: *geek snort* “Have you yost your yittle funder, Aggie?”

AgaThor: “STOP CALLING ME ‘AGGIE’!  Anyway, did my other mom tell you about how I stopped a carjacking last week?”

Me: “No, she sure didn’t. I didn’t hear about it on the news, either.”

AgaThor: “Of course you didn’t. Who the hell is going to believe that a cat in a diaper stopped a carjacking? When the lady called the cops afterwards, they just laughed at her. It made me so mad. But, at least she knows that I’m the hero.”

Me: “Pictures or it didn’t happen.”

AgaThor: “I don’t have opposable thumbs! How the hell am I supposed to take pictures?!”

Me: “Didn’t happen.”

AgaThor: “I’m going to tell my other mommy on you, meany face.”

Me: “I want a full description of the woman you saved, her car, and the criminal.”

AgaThor: “I can do better than that! I got her phone number! I decided before I gave her a call, I’d buy a new top of the line cloth diaper. It’s pretty bling, right?”

Me: “Let me get this straight. You’re a special needs adult cat that wears a diaper and has an oversized ego…that’s trying to impress a human woman with your new diaper purchase. Do I have that right?”

AgaThor: “Stop player hating.”

Me: “Dude, she’s totally going to fall for it. What chick doesn’t dig an egotistical cat in a diaper?”

AgaThor: “I knew it!”

To be continued…

AgaThor visits for the first time

It’s been a busy last two months, between getting my new house move-in ready and organizing a big event. I’ve been in the house two weeks as of yesterday. I brought Artemis and Persephone the day after I moved in, but have yet to purchase a bachelor pad for AgaThor to stay in while I’m at work, so he’s stayed with his other mommy most of the two weeks since I moved in.

Despite the fact that my new home isn’t completely updated  yet, I brought him by for a visit so he could begin getting used to it. He was mortified! He hated the colors I’d chosen. He hated the placement of the furniture. “So blue collar!” he said. Worst of all, he said he’d been misled. How could it be his vacation home if there wasn’t a cat tree, a bachelor pad, and fields of cat nip plants?!

I assured him that I was in the process of getting him a cat tree and a bachelor pad, though I’d be unable to plant fields of cat nip for him. Finally, he admitted that he just thought the place was scary. I told him not to worry, that he’d come over for a few visits before spending his first night here. He reminded me that he was a Super Kitten and that Super Kittens have an image to keep, so I couldn’t tell anyone he was scared.  I crossed my fingers behind my back and as I nodded my agreement.

Here are two pics and a video of AgaThor’s first visit. Don’t tell him I posted them!


It took a lot of coaxing to get AgaThor out from under my desk.


But, he came right out when he saw the ghost!

Trying desperately to find a hiding place!

AgaThor will have his vengeance!

Hey, AgaThor devotees!

AgaThor’s digestive issues worsened in mid and late-March, but he’s a bit better this month so far. We’ve had to put him on a completely liquid diet, which includes a combination of mostly KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) with some Science Diet A/D and vegetables. As you can imagine, he lost a couple of pounds, but is still a healthy weight at this time. Yes, we realize he is way to old for KMR, but it seems to be better for his stomach. We are continuing to monitor him and take him to the vet if there is a problem. I am happy to report that AgaThor worked his charms on his archenemy while at the vet and now everyone at the vet absolutely loves him. The EVIL VETERINARIAN has now seen the light and joined him in his struggle for good. So, worry not, folks. He still has his mojo. He is still in VERY good spirits and is increasingly testing boundaries with his alpha male personality. We’ve come to realize his paralysis extends a little further into his body than just his back limbs. This a bit of a blessing in disguise because it means that, for the most part, his digestive issues haven’t bothered him.

I only have two pictures for you today, sorry. I’ve been getting AgaThor’s vacation home up to snuff. HE HAS HIGH STANDARDS!


AgaThor crazy attack cat with devil eyes – “I will have my vengeance upon my intestines by beating the crap out of your leg!”

And…yes, those are my favorite house socks.

DSCN2953 (2)

AgaThor drying himself on a heat vent after one of his many baths. He asks that you not be jealous of his fashionable diaper.

Lessons learned since we’ve had AgaThor: Bathing cats is hard…and sometimes dangerous.

Happy 1st Birthday, AgaThor!!!

Happy 1st Birthday to my special little man! Who? No, not Sheriff Eric. AgaThor the Super Kitten, of course! I can’t believe we rescued him two weeks shy of a year ago. He’s grown into the alpha male that I always knew he’d become. He goes around trying to boss the older cats around and has developed those trademark alpha male jowls. Here is to you, birthday boy!



I’m sorry it has been a while since the last blog post. I’ve been in the process of adjusting to my new job and buying a home, which I will officially receive the keys to next week! AgaThor has had some medical issues, mainly with his intestines and we are still working on several solutions with Aggie’s veterinarian to correct the problem. But, the poor guy has been to the vet several times over the last two months. Hopefully, we find a solution for him soon. We have yet to come to a decision about neutering him, due to the possible complications. It is a hard decision.

He says he’s very excited to get a vacation home for his birthday, even if it is a few weeks late. He’s already making plans for the vacation home’s décor and drawing me sketches of the type of cat climbing tree that he wants. He also told me he wants a fish tank, but I won’t put any poor fish through dealing with him and my two girls.

He had a nice meal for his birthday and is now lounging on his throne. Let’s take a look back at AgaThor’s first year through pictures. There are three new ones at the bottom!

Agathor, abt five weeks old


2012-06-05 22.22.13

2012-06-15 15.07.26





Oct 01 2012 2

Oct 22 2012 2









Happy Birthday, AgaThor!!!

AgaThor’s Rockin’ February Begins

Hey, guys. AgaThor is counting down to his birthday in March. He’ll be one year old and he’s already working on his birthday list. He’s thinking of getting a tattoo because he thinks it will make him look hardcore. All superheroes need to look hardcore, right? I told him that his diaper (and the smell coming from it) would likely scare away even the most evil of villains. He wasn’t super happy with that answer.

Anyway, a little update. A couple of weeks ago, AgaThor had some health issues that required numerous visits to the veterinarians. So, once again, he was pitted against his arch-enemy The Evil Veterinarian. The vet suggested the possibility that he has a progressing neurological disorder and may lose additional bodily control. We began to express his bladder because it seemed he didn’t always have control of when he urinates. He was also having bowel movement problems, so he is no longer eating ANY hard food and we have to add a lot of water and a little bit of pumpkin to all of his wet food.

AgaThor is not very pleased that I’m posting this update: “Gosh, mom. Stop writing incredibly embarrassing stuff about me on the internet. No one is going to take my superhero status seriously.”

We are happy to report that he has improved and hasn’t required a visit to The Evil Veterinarian in a week. Crossing our fingers that it was just a temporary problem.  AgaThor’s bottom end is now even a darker shade of yellow/tan because of his diaper, despite our washings. He is SO embarrassed that he said that all future photos should really focus on his upper half. I told him that at least on some occasions, we’d need to include the diaper in the photo. After all, it’s part of the reason that he has a fan base. He then cursed the gods for giving him both white fur and the inability to use his rear legs while also making him a superhero. His life is so hard, guys!

Lastly, I’d like to apologize that the superhero cape is not yet complete. I’m working two jobs right now and look at houses to buy, so I’m behind on non-essential duties. AgaThor just gave me a nasty look and said, “Getting a superhero his or her cape IS ESSENTIAL!” I’m aiming for late February or early March for the cape. But, worry not, friends, a cape is forthcoming!

Ok, now to the good stuff – PICTURES!



This is Aggie’s newest favorite lounge spot.


Aphrodite and Aphrodite chilling in the living room

I hope everyone is having a great February!