Circa 5 weeks old

This isn’t a great picture, but it is the only one I have that shows his back legs prior to beginning physical therapy. I hadn’t planned on blogging Agathor’s life until it was suggested to me by numerous individuals. So, forgive me for the horrible quality of the picture. In this picture, you can see how his back legs are small, lifeless, and slightly deformed looking.

This is Agathor and Reco hanging out. Reco, aged 24, passed away a couple of weeks later. He stayed around long enough to welcome Agathor into the family.


One comment on “Circa 5 weeks old

  1. RIP Reco. I miss you! Just an FYI, friends. Reco accompanied me to my first college apartment. I’d had him since I was 11. He’d survived a stroke when he was four years old. He was paralyzed for weeks afterwards and my mom and I had nursed him back to health and gave him physical therapy. We were so amazed (and lucky) when he lived to be 24 years old, despite his past health issues.

    Reco’s first owner was a recovering alcoholic. This is why his name was ‘Reco’. After having Reco for two months, he decided he couldn’t handle the overly rambunctious kitten climbing his curtains and keeping him up at night. He came to us, knowing we were a cat friendly household. The rest is history.

    Thank you for being a part of our lives. It’s been almost seven months since you left, but I still think about you.

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