Hello, world!

Agathor, abt five weeks old

This is a blog about Agathor the Super Kitten! We found him in a box on a porch. His previous owner put him where he knew he would be found. Despite the fact he was only three weeks old at the time, it was apparent that he was unable to use his back limbs. He got around by pulling himself with his front legs. Some suggested we put him to sleep, but we weren’t going to give up on him. This blog will follow his life through pictures, videos, and words. The first several months of his life are already past us, so I will upload pictures and videos in chronological order.

Why is his name Agathor? When he was super tiny, we thought he was a girl. I named him Agatha. A few weeks after we got him, the vet told us that Agatha was a boy! We wanted the name to be similar to Agatha, since he was already used to it. We settled on Agathor. We thought it was appropriate. After all, HE IS A SUPER KITTEN!

Agathor sends his greetings!


2 comments on “Hello, world!

  1. When my brother was still a kid (and I a proud teenager), he wanted a cat. Really bad. My godmother’s cat had a litter, so we went to visit the kitties. My brother immediately became attached to one. My parents had no choice but to bring it home with us. His name was Max. I don’t know why, but it seems my brother had reserved this name for his cat. With the first visit to the vet, my mother confirmed that, as she suspected, he was a she. My brother was very depressed because he really wanted to use the name Max. My brother’s disappointment sparkled my mom’s creative juices and the cat was renamed “Maxi.” She lived with us for 15 years, until her sad, but natural, passing. Cats insist on surprising us, even within weeks of living with us.

    • So true, Hector. I’m glad Maxi could be a part of you and your family’s life! The unconditional love they give, even if on occasion grouchy, is amazing :). Agathor sends his greetings!

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