Agathor! Circa 9 weeks old

After taking Agathor to the vet and then consulting a physical therapist, we decided to start exercising his back legs. Because the cause of the injury was unknown, nor when it happened, both specialists believed there was a chance he may regain use of one of his back limbs. You’ll probably have noticed his back legs don’t look as odd as they did when he was a few weeks old. He gained muscle and a little more reflexive movement.

Here are two pictures for your enjoyment. One is Agathor doing the splits while playing with his favorite toy. It was an old dog toy that he stole from Austin, our ten year old dog. We finally had to get rid of it after Hannah, a visiting puppy, destroyed it. The other picture is of the next diaper we tried for Agathor. It, too, was a failed expirement.

You’ll notice that Agathor’s fur is no longer white on his back end. After weeks of dragging his lower limbs around, the fur has become stained a cream color. We do wash him on a regular basis, but after a while, the discoloration was permanent.


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