Agathor circa 4 months old

We had a very busy end of June and beginning of July 2012, so there aren’t many pictures of Agathor from that period. We’d been continuing to do his physical therapy and one of his legs showed improvement. We tried building him a low litter box that using the top of an office box with shredded newspapers to potty train him, but it did not work. Once again, dragging his lower back end made it impossible to keep him clean. In his first few weeks with us, we bathed him about once or twice a day. Around July, we began bathing him two or three times a day. For the most part, he let us bathe him. We were hopeful since we’d started him so young, that he would grow accustomed to the baths and be ok with them for the rest of his life.

We also tried a few more diaper-type solutions. My mother sewed a vinyl “diaper” with elastic at the waist and around the legs. It was disastrously hilarious, as I’m sure all of you can image. I’m sad to say that I don’t have any photos of Agathor wearing that particular item. It was too bulky and Agathor acted like it was a torture device.

Towards the end of July, he was able to get one of his back legs up to his ear/neck to scratch it, but still wasn’t able to actually make the necessary motion to finalize the action. Whenever we see him in this position, we run over to scratch it for him. It must be infuriating not being able to scratch an itch!

Below are some pictures from July 27th and 28th. They introduce one of Agathor’s first furry friends, Hannah. Hannah is a dog that we sometimes board while her owners are out of town. She is a humongous Yellow Lab puppy. She and Agathor took to one another immediately. We realized quickly that we were unable to let them loose at the same time. Despite Hannah’s love for Agathor, she didn’t realize her own strength. She is much larger than he is. We developed a system of putting one in a dog cage while the other is loose.

Disclaimer: Because of Agathor’s special needs, we have taken a very large dog cage and turned it into his personal play land. When we are unable to be with him, we want to make sure he is safe. We have a large dog and a few larger cats and we wouldn’t want them to accidentally hurt him. Also, he does daring and crazy things like: climb curtains with no way down and running up the stairs then slowly falling back down them. So, though I realize having a cage for him may seem cruel, we are, in fact, trying to keep him safe when we aren’t home. This is why he has a big dog cage.

Ok, here are the pictures!

Agathor’s power pose

Agathor making a point: I’m tough

Will you be my friend?


Can we play while you are on grandma’s lap? YES!

Wait. We’re being spied on!


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