Early August / Agathor circa 5 months old

As Agathor’s physical therapy progressed, he began using his back legs reflexively. When excited, he would use his knees to balance himself so he could arch his back, etc. However, the movements seemed only reflexive at this point. One of his legs does work a bit better than the other. He is still unable to scratch his ear/neck, though he can bring his foot up to that location.

As with all of the cats we’ve ever had, he’s developed several nicknames: Aggie, Aga4, and Thor. He responds to all of them :). My mother is discussing the possibility of creating a kid’s graphic novel about the exploits of AgaThor the Super Kitten. Her wrist was broken at the time, but when it heals properly, she will begin sketching a few items.

Hannah came for another visit. Enjoy the short video!

We continued trying to develop a diaper for him. We purchased some newborn jumpers to try and test them out on him. Here is the stack of jumpers we purchased:

Needless to say, we knew we would need to hem the items to fit Agathor. We wanted to see what his reaction to wearing it was, so we tried it on him prior to redesigning it. He’s a cat. We thought he’d probably hate it. He did. Enjoy the following pictures and video!



Just chillin’ with his kitty toy.

And, lastly, see how easily he gets it off! (short video)


*The noises in the background are Hannah, the Super Hyper Puppy


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