Mid-Late August 2012 – Agathor’s Crazy Antics

Time for another blog post. I still am not caught up to the present, am I? I will try to do so soon. As I’m sure you’ll be able to see from the photos, Agathor is growing fast. His legs hadn’t really improved since the last post, though, as always, we were experimenting with new ways to create a diaper for him. Until we find one that works for him, he runs around the house when we have the ability to check up on him regularly (and to clean up any messes he makes!). He’s officially decided he doesn’t like to get baths, despite our hopes that he’d learn to accept them. He struggles and it has become difficult to bathe him sometimes.

I’m beginning to think he doesn’t have control over his bladder and bowels like most cats. This might make sense since he doesn’t have complete control of his legs. This makes it all the more pertinent that we figure out a way for him to either have a diaper, or construct some low litterbox so that we aren’t cleaning up our carpets and hardwood floors so often. While he still has the ability to get so wild that he bites when you’re trying to pet him, as all kittens do, he’s grown just enough that he now rubs on our legs and enjoys being pet, even if for only two minutes. As you can imagine, when we notice he’s going in for a leg rubbing, we nearly have to stop for fear we will trip over him and injure him further.

He often comes to visit me and my two cats (Artemis and Persephone) in my office when I’m tweeting, gaming, or watching a movie. Below are some pictures from one such visit on August 17th. He’s taken an interest in my Scotty Star Trek figure.

“Aaargh, Cap’n. We are under attack!”

“Mommy, I was NOT hurting Scotty. I have no laser beam eye. I swearz.”

Just hangin’ out, guys. Am I hot, or what?

Aphrodite visiting Agathor and I in my office.


This little fella was created by my mother and grandmother in mid-August. They took the lower half of the newborn onesies and sewed it to a miniature dog harness. We then put a “diaper” (a maxi pad) in the lower half, making sure to cute a hole for his tail. The first two times we tried to get him in this, he was mortified. He’d let us put it on. Then, he refused to move. For hours. I’m sure it messed with his balance. I felt we’d have to force him to wear it until he adjusted to it. Unfortunately, since we are gone for long times during the day (at work) and we didn’t feel comfortable leaving it on him unattended, he was often not in it. One day we found him with his lower jaw stuck under the collar. This was the very reason we were not willing to put him in it when he wasn’t with us. It was obvious it needed more work, but it was the best thing we’d come up with since he came into our lives. The work continues.


Enjoy this video of Agathor trying to save me from a bug. You get to see why we don’t let him go near steps unless we’re right next to him. You get to see him use his knees for balance and to “arch” his back when he gets excited. AND…you get to see him run! It is 1 and a half minutes of pure fun. Guest Star: Aphrodite and THE BUG.

That ends the post for tonight. Have a great weekend!


3 comments on “Mid-Late August 2012 – Agathor’s Crazy Antics

  1. tmp2k – I just took a pic of him with the new doggie diaper from your mom. Will get it to you ASAP. Agathor doesn’t seem to mind them at all!

    Erin, Agathor running is the greatest thing ever. Just don’t tell him. The fame is already going to his head!

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