Agathor’s Street Cred – September 2012

finally getting around to the September blog post. I am sorry to say that it is pretty meager as far as audiovisual materials go.

Agathor outgrew the onesie/harness combo quickly (see the last post for images). We had to sew another one together, which you can see on him in the pictures below. Despite how awesome that particular invention was, he hasn’t adjusted to it. He just lays down and sleeps. When he did try and walk, he fell over after a few steps. It was obvious that either it was messing with his equilibrium or he simply wasn’t willing to learn to walk in it. Towards the end of September, we finally gave up.  I have to admit I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t tell everyone that I had a male kitten that wore a maxi pad with wings.

As he grew larger, he gained even more confidence. Or, should that ‘became more arrogant’? In September, he began challenging my alpha cat (Artemis) and my mom’s alpha cats (Aphrodite and Punky). This may be because he still isn’t neutered. Why isn’t he neutered? We’ve been worried about neutering him since his testicles never descended. So, they would need to do surgery in his abdomen to neuter him. As you know, he already has plenty of medical issues in his rear end as is. But, worry not, folks, he will get neutered!  He’s so mad I just told you about his testicles. “That’s so embarrassing, mom!”

Anyway, Punky put him in his place rather quickly. Let’s just say that when she was finished with him, he hid from her for a few daaayyyyz. But, he’s always the optimist, so he is back at it!  Surprisingly, Artemis just tolerates it. I think she realizes that all she has to do is jump on the bed or in a chair and she’s rid of him. He’s giving me hateful glares. He is a Super Kitten. How is he supposed to keep his street cred when I’m saying things like this about him online?!

Agathor is still struggling during bath-time. When I went to get him for a bath a few days ago, he ran up the stairs as fast as he could. His poor knees had to be bruised after that! Thankfully, we have invested in some pet wipes so we don’t have to give him a bath unless he’s a big mess. These are the ones we are using:

Ok, here are the few pics I have from September. I have more stuff for October posts (including video)!


This outfit makes me tired, guys.



Lastly, I saw some awesome cat art at the Mid Ohio Comic Con and just HAD to buy it. Check it out: It is AgaThor’s namesake!!!



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