Agathor’s October Extravaganza!

It is November. Time flies by when you’re having fun with Agathor! I’m going to put all of October into one blog post, so that I can officially catch up to the present day. I hope you don’t mind, my friends.

Agathor continues to grow. He is now almost eight months old! It is hard to believe. He is now larger than Persephone, who is almost six. Admittedly, Persephone is a small cat. But, it is still hard to believe. The kitty clothing didn’t work out for him. I had hoped he’d get used to wearing it. He’s a cat. ‘Nuff said. Thankfully, as he’s grown larger, he now fits into newborn diapers and they don’t come off of him. Yeah, human newborn baby diapers. I said it. You’ll get to see some Agathor-with-newborn-diaper-on action in the photos and vids later in this post. Yay!

We still haven’t neutered Agathor and it’s really starting to show. He’s been trying to bully every cat in the house, even those who are clearly alpha cats. My alpha just seems to put up with him and avoid him when possible. For instance, jumping on a chair or bed which Agathor can’t get to. However, my mom’s alpha, Punky, lives up to her name. At first she put up with it, when he still looked like he wasn’t a threat. Now that he’s gained weight and is only a few pounds lighter than her, she’s decided to defend her territory. On numerous occasions, Agathor attack her and then it is HIM running from HER. Hahaha. You think I’m mean for laughing? Maybe. But, I think it’s important he learns he’s the new kid on the block and he needs to stop bullying the other cats.

We are currently brainstorming when we think it best he gets neutered. We both are concerned because he already has so many issues in the lower half of his body AND any incisions may get infected since he can’t use a litterbox. I might have to take off of work just so I can be with him for a few days in a row after the procedure. So, you see why it isn’t an easy decision for us.

I’m happy to report he is still as happy as can be. He’s grown increasingly loving, though he still has the wild kitten side to him. I think he considers himself one of the dogs. He has his own cage, just like they do, where he gets fed separately from the others….just like they do! Maybe that’s why he loves dogs so much.

Agathor has a new friend named Hazel (a two year old dog circa 35 lbs). Hazel was greeted Agathor style on her first day! As soon as we put Hazel in her cage, Agathor ran over and began rubbing himself all over her cage and reaching in with his paws. She was weary at first, but Agathor soon has her wrapped around his paws, as you can imagine. I will post pics of Hazel and Agathor in the November blog posts.

Lastly, my Artemis and Persephone have begun demanding their own blog post. Then my mom’s cats chimed in too. They don’t realize I simply don’t have the time. I convinced them that occasionally I would post pics of them on Agathor’s blog. It took a lot of convincing, so I hope you don’t mind if occasionally I slip in a pic or a vid of them.  Ok, so much for words, you guys want to see pics and vids. I wish I could say they were more exciting, but it seems like every time that Agathor did something totally crazy, I didn’t have a camera on me. Either way, I hope this will quench your Agathor thirst.  Until next time.

Agathor and Persephone playing. Persephone has the advantage and she knows it. (October 1)


I guess I can’t beat up Persephone…so I’ll just beat up you, mom. (October 1)


My friend Hannah is a back for a visit. It is LERV time. (October 3)

“MOM! Agathor won’t leave me alone! I’m taking refuge on Mountain Geek.” – Persephone (October 8)


“DUDE!” – Agathor (October 22)


“The sun is my favorite. Especially when I’m doing yoga!” – Agathor (October 22)


“Food. FOOD. FOOD!!! Stevie Nicks is my favorite.” – Agathor (October 22)

“I’m gonna kill this dead flower. RAWR!” – Agathor (October 22)

“I think I should be the next model for Pampers. CHECK.THIS.OUT!” – Agathor (October 29)



“This piece of paper is going down, guys.” – Agathor (October 30)

“I have a wild hair up my ass! Or, maybe it’s just the diaper ON my ass…” – Agathor (October 30)

“The paper ball has evaded me today! I shall have my revenge! What? Yes, my tail is puffed. It’s simply how I roll, guys!” – Agathor (October 30)


Oh, wait…

A belated Happy Halloween from Brutus and Caesar, the porch cats!



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