AgaThor’s Thanksgiving Special

AgaThor sends his greetings. He wants to remind EVERYONE that their four-legged friends need some turkey, too.

AgaThor’s  gives thanks  before eating his turkey giblet cat food:

“I am thankful for the food that I get to eat, for the cats I get to beat up, for the lovin’ I get from my mommy and grandma, for all the fans of my blog, for my new cloth diapers, for all the grooming Austin (my dog friend) gives me, and for my new friend, Cocoa.”

To celebrate Thanksgiving, here is a bevy of AgaThor pictures and videos from the last two weeks. He’s willing to embarrass himself for your enjoyment! (you’ll see what I mean below)

AgaThor was either nursing my sock or getting a little too intimate with my sock. Not sure which. Bonus: You get to hear my Aggie talk, which, of course, is ridiculous.

Meet AgaThor’s new friend, Cocoa! AgaThor immediately fell in love with her. She, however, still isnt’ quite sure.

I should really edit these photos before posting, shouldn’t I? Special Guest: My shoe.

“Check out my new cloth diapers, guys!” – AgaThor

“Check me out killing a purple mouse while wearing my new cloth diaper. I’m fierce. I’M FIERCE!” – AgaThor

“Ready for my closeup?” – AgaThor

AgaThor has decided that Artemis and Persephone are allowed to have a small part in his Thanksgiving post. Meet AgaThor’s older siblings!

Artemis, 15 1/2 years old

She, and two of her siblings, was rescued after her mother was hit by a car. She was only four days old at the time. Her eyes were still closed. My mother and I bottle fed her and her siblings every few hours, even in middle of the night or at work. Unfortunately, her two siblings (Athena and Ares) passed away within the first week. Artemis prevailed, after many vet visits and daily intravenous fluids. Much like AgaThor, due to her size and frailty, she was kept separate from the dogs and adult cats until she was several months old. Much like AgaThor has his super large dog cage (or shall we say, luxury bedroom bachelor pad), Artemis had her own baby playpen complete with a Fievel doll.

Artemis is the Alpha kitty in the household. She doesn’t dislike AgaThor. She doesn’t like him, either. She watches him from above, knowing that her ability to jump onto furniture places her at an advantage.

Persephone,  5 years old

Persephone was rescued from a cat colony when she was about four months old.  We tried to catch her two siblings as well, but were unsuccessful. She was a very scared little girl for the first two months, but soon realized that Artemis and I were good folk. She was born with a short tail (maybe 1/3 normal length?), though it was still longer than those of her siblings. It took a few weeks for her to warm up to AgaThor, but now they are good friends.

She’s a major Scooby Doo fan, so she wanted me to use this picture.

Happy Thanksgiving from AgaThor’s mom, Artemis, Persephone, and AgaThor the Super Kitten!

PS. Don’t forget to  vote in AgaThor’s superhero color poll. And, look for Tales of AgaThor the Super Kitten, Part 2 soon!


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