Happy December!

AgaThor’s making a list of who is naught and who is nice! WHICH LIST ARE YOU ON? You better hope you are on the nice list.

AgaThor the Super Kitten has recently made overtures to Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat. He wishes to be allies (League of Extraordinary Cats) in the fight against crime, human domination and Siths. He also wishes to be a positive influence on young Anakin. He knows the force is strong with that one, but doesn’t want him to go to the dark side.

Did I type ‘Two Legged Miracle Cat’? Indeed, I did. Check it out:  http://anakintwoleggedcat.blogspot.com/. AgaThor is hoping that Anakin will take his overtures seriously. We await Anakin’s response.

Here is a short video of AgaThor trying to keep Cocoa’s toy away from her. Cocoa’s need for her ball finally prevails.

Another installment of Tales of AgaThor The Super Kitten is coming soon!


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