AgaThor’s Holiday Special!

It is that time of the year, guys. Yep, it’s the holidays!

I’m sorry it has taken so long for another blog post. Shopping for presents, working six days a week, getting used to Windows 8, and then falling in love with my new gaming laptop has taken up most of my time. I may go down to monthly posts until after I’ve purchased, renovated, and moved into my new abode. So, in other words, for a few more months my posts may be minimal. I am an absolutely horrible PR agent. AgaThor should fire me and find another free PR agent. Enough about me! You didn’t come here to find out about yet another human. You came here for….

AgaThor had a lovely Christmas. He’d never seen Christmas presents before and made sure that many of them were adorned (lovingly) with bit marks. He was really interested in Christmas lights, tried to chew on a few, so they were promptly placed out of his reach. We didn’t have a Christmas tree this year, so it seems that next year will be his first time seeing a Christmas tree with what are, no doubt, hanging AgaThor toys all over it. For Christmas, AgaThor received a manly superhero kitten bed, catnip, a baboon butt toy (?), and a few boxes to play as well as a promise that his Cat Cave (in the form of the Lego Hogwarts) is in the works. But, he wonders why in the hell his many fans didn’t provide the other items on his list. He wants me to remind everyone that he’s a Pisces, so his birthday is coming up. You have a chance at redemption.

As you can imagine, AgaThor has grown a bit since our last post. He’s around 10 lbs now. He is still wearing his Huggies’ newborn diapers when his cloth diapers are in the wash. Since he has a few months left of growing, I wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually grows into a larger diaper. Only time will tell.

AgaThor’s holiday season has been extra special because his favorite dog, Hannah, is staying with us for the holidays. She has gotten so big (almost 100 pounds!) that we’ve had to give her AgaThor’s big cage while she is here and put AgaThor in Hannah’s old cage. AgaThor doesn’t seem to mind. Despite months apart, they still love each other.  Check out the AgaThor and Hannah Holiday Reunion videos (2) and pictures (2)!



AgaThor has a big change coming for him. In February or March, his two mom’s will no longer live together. We’ve hired lawyers to determine custody and visitation rights ;). I will have him two weekends out of the month once I move across town. He hates driving in cars, so I’m a bit concerned about the commute between his two houses, but I’m hoping he’ll get used to it.

Ok, you guys don’t want to hear me blab anymore. Here are the rest of the goods!

Catnip Pictures and Video


Aphrodite and AgaThor hanging out with the catnip and new Baboon Butt toy (I didn’t buy it!)


Things are getting a little crazy, guys!

The Many Holiday Poses of AgaThor the Super Kitten…Caught on Camera! (“Damned paparazzi!” – AgaThor)



DSCN2865 (2)



AgaThor wants everyone to have a great (and safe) New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! He’d love to hear your New Year’s Resolutions, guys. AgaThor doesn’t have any since, you know, he’s perfect. Best wishes to you, your family, your friends, and your four-legged superheroes in the new year! We’ll see you in 2013.


Tales of AgaThor the Super Kitten Part 3 coming soon!


One comment on “AgaThor’s Holiday Special!

  1. so glad agathor had a great Christmas! Im sure he was thrilled with all his gifts…i bet if someone asked the “gramsy ” there might have been a jet pack under the tree for our lil superhero. . Was nice to see u at Christmas! Keep up the good work here and we hope to see u again soon…give your mom our love and praise for putting up with all the needs of such a headstrong super kitten ..
    Can’t wait to see his superhero costume….

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