AgaThor’s January 2013 wrap up!

Hey guys,

I’ve been super busy with the new job (while working reduced hours at the former job), looking at houses, figuring out financing, and dealing with a few of AgaThor’s recent health issues. “WHAT HEALTH ISSUES?!” you ask. Well, he’s been having some digestion issues and we now have to express his bladder, since The Evil Veterinarian (his new archenemy) suggested he may not have complete control over his bladder.  He’s been to the vet three times over the last two weeks and we feel he may need another visit in the next day or two. Please send your positive thoughts this way.

He’s still a happy little guy, though. Still as naughty as ever. He just bit my leg about five times in a row because he felt he wasn’t getting enough attention from me. Super Kittens can be very demanding, you guys.

So, I’m sorry I don’t have time for a bigger update, but I’ll need to end it here. Here are several pictures from January and a video. I hope you enjoy. AgaThor sends his greetings!


Things you randomly see around The McNabbist household


Ermagod! I’m so wild!

The whole world is AgaThor’s jungle jim! (with Blade II playing in the background)


Hanging out with mommy on the couch


“This is how all the hot dudes pose on couches, mom.” – AgaThor


Ready for his close up shot


Being clean for his fans is important. “Hey Ladies…”

Sadly, I had five other pictures, which were the best, and WordPress is refusing to insert them properly into this blog post. If I can figure out a way to do so in the near future, I will let you know.  Enjoy the rest of your January!


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