AgaThor visits for the first time

It’s been a busy last two months, between getting my new house move-in ready and organizing a big event. I’ve been in the house two weeks as of yesterday. I brought Artemis and Persephone the day after I moved in, but have yet to purchase a bachelor pad for AgaThor to stay in while I’m at work, so he’s stayed with his other mommy most of the two weeks since I moved in.

Despite the fact that my new home isn’t completely updated  yet, I brought him by for a visit so he could begin getting used to it. He was mortified! He hated the colors I’d chosen. He hated the placement of the furniture. “So blue collar!” he said. Worst of all, he said he’d been misled. How could it be his vacation home if there wasn’t a cat tree, a bachelor pad, and fields of cat nip plants?!

I assured him that I was in the process of getting him a cat tree and a bachelor pad, though I’d be unable to plant fields of cat nip for him. Finally, he admitted that he just thought the place was scary. I told him not to worry, that he’d come over for a few visits before spending his first night here. He reminded me that he was a Super Kitten and that Super Kittens have an image to keep, so I couldn’t tell anyone he was scared.  I crossed my fingers behind my back and as I nodded my agreement.

Here are two pics and a video of AgaThor’s first visit. Don’t tell him I posted them!


It took a lot of coaxing to get AgaThor out from under my desk.


But, he came right out when he saw the ghost!

Trying desperately to find a hiding place!


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