Tales of AgaThor the Super Kitten, Part 3

I went to visit AgaThor tonight. As soon as I walked in…

AgaThor: “You’ve abandoned me!”

Me: “Your other mother has been taking care of you while I move into my new home.”

AgaThor: “Your new home? More like my bachelor pad. My other mom feeds me and pets me and changes my diapers, but she can’t take pictures of me or use the internet. My fans are forgetting about me!”

Me: “We’re all pretty busy, little guy. And, I kinda posted the video of you scared poopless when you visited my new house. So, no one really thinks you’re a superhero anymore. Just a cute cat in a diaper.”

AgaThor: “WTF, mom! Why don’t you ever post embarrassing stuff about Artemis and Persephone? And, you’re totally messing with my street cred. And, anyway, your house is scary. Even Batman would crap his pants in there.”

Me: “So…you’re saying I’m pretty badass, right? I mean, if I can live there, I must have some super superhero powers, right?”

AgaThor: “Stop trying to steal my thunder.”

Me: *geek snort* “Have you yost your yittle funder, Aggie?”

AgaThor: “STOP CALLING ME ‘AGGIE’!  Anyway, did my other mom tell you about how I stopped a carjacking last week?”

Me: “No, she sure didn’t. I didn’t hear about it on the news, either.”

AgaThor: “Of course you didn’t. Who the hell is going to believe that a cat in a diaper stopped a carjacking? When the lady called the cops afterwards, they just laughed at her. It made me so mad. But, at least she knows that I’m the hero.”

Me: “Pictures or it didn’t happen.”

AgaThor: “I don’t have opposable thumbs! How the hell am I supposed to take pictures?!”

Me: “Didn’t happen.”

AgaThor: “I’m going to tell my other mommy on you, meany face.”

Me: “I want a full description of the woman you saved, her car, and the criminal.”

AgaThor: “I can do better than that! I got her phone number! I decided before I gave her a call, I’d buy a new top of the line cloth diaper. It’s pretty bling, right?”

Me: “Let me get this straight. You’re a special needs adult cat that wears a diaper and has an oversized ego…that’s trying to impress a human woman with your new diaper purchase. Do I have that right?”

AgaThor: “Stop player hating.”

Me: “Dude, she’s totally going to fall for it. What chick doesn’t dig an egotistical cat in a diaper?”

AgaThor: “I knew it!”

To be continued…


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