In Memoriam – Georgie and Punky McNabb

AgaThor would like to dedicate this blog entry to his two older siblings – Georgie and Punky.  Both died of cat food poisoning, just four days apart, despite receiving medical attention on two separate occasions.


Georgie McNabb, aged 11 years. Died on May 16, 2013.



I’m sorry to say this is the only picture of him that I have unpacked so far. He was a quiet, nervous, and shy guy with long fur…who didn’t like to be groomed. He was very reserved, so you knew that when he was rooting on you and purring, he really meant it. Like all of our other cats, he was a rescue.  Later in life he developed severe digestion issues which required a special diet of either raw hamburger or baked Amish chicken. His favorite best friends were Stumpy and Reco, both of whom preceded him in death, and Girly, who is still with us.  Despite force feeding him, giving him fluids and meds, per doctor’s orders, he was down to 5lbs when we took him to the vet. The vet didn’t think his chances were good and that he was suffering. So, we made the difficult decision to put him to sleep. We will miss you, Georgie “JorJor” McNabb.



Punky McNabb, aged 6 years. She died May 19, 2013.

001 (2)

She would root and nurse on the shag rugs (as seen above). After she ingested too much fiber and had to get it surgically removed from her intestines, we removed all of the shag rugs in the house. She was always misbehaving!

punk 002

She was rescued as a kitten from the neighborhood, where approximately 1/4 of all the stray cats are black. When she was a small kitten, we nicknamed her the “crazy attack bat” because she would put her ears back and viciously attack anyone, cat or human, within range. While attacking humans waned as she aged, she never stopped playing like a kitten with the cats and dogs in the house. She grew into an alpha cat who wouldn’t take any nonsense from the other cats. She was VERY vocal. She meowed loudly until you gave her what she wanted. The only cat larger than her was Aphrodite. She had two main cuddle friends – Stumpy, who passed away a couple of years ago, and Aphrodite, who is still with us. Her distant relative, Brutus, still resides on the McNabb family porch.

She, too, was being force fed, given fluids and meds. She seemed a bit stouter than Georgie. On Sunday, she went downhill fast. She passed away in my car as I rushed her to the emergency vet. You will be missed, Punky “Crazy Attack Bat” McNabb.


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