AgaThor’s January 2013 wrap up!

Hey guys,

I’ve been super busy with the new job (while working reduced hours at the former job), looking at houses, figuring out financing, and dealing with a few of AgaThor’s recent health issues. “WHAT HEALTH ISSUES?!” you ask. Well, he’s been having some digestion issues and we now have to express his bladder, since The Evil Veterinarian (his new archenemy) suggested he may not have complete control over his bladder.  He’s been to the vet three times over the last two weeks and we feel he may need another visit in the next day or two. Please send your positive thoughts this way.

He’s still a happy little guy, though. Still as naughty as ever. He just bit my leg about five times in a row because he felt he wasn’t getting enough attention from me. Super Kittens can be very demanding, you guys.

So, I’m sorry I don’t have time for a bigger update, but I’ll need to end it here. Here are several pictures from January and a video. I hope you enjoy. AgaThor sends his greetings!


Things you randomly see around The McNabbist household


Ermagod! I’m so wild!

The whole world is AgaThor’s jungle jim! (with Blade II playing in the background)


Hanging out with mommy on the couch


“This is how all the hot dudes pose on couches, mom.” – AgaThor


Ready for his close up shot


Being clean for his fans is important. “Hey Ladies…”

Sadly, I had five other pictures, which were the best, and WordPress is refusing to insert them properly into this blog post. If I can figure out a way to do so in the near future, I will let you know.  Enjoy the rest of your January!


Your Weekly Dose

Need a weekly dose of AgaThor the Super Kitten? Fret not. AgaThor knows what his fans need.

AgaThor and I hope that everyone’s New Year started off right. One of the resolutions that he and I made was to get fit in the New Year. I’ve delayed fulfilling my New Year’s resolution until March, but AgaThor is on it. Here he is doing yoga!


He makes it look so easy! “Stay strong, guys. You have the power to change your destiny!” – AgaThor

Have a great weekend. AgaThor knows that he will!

AgaThor’s Holiday Special!

It is that time of the year, guys. Yep, it’s the holidays!

I’m sorry it has taken so long for another blog post. Shopping for presents, working six days a week, getting used to Windows 8, and then falling in love with my new gaming laptop has taken up most of my time. I may go down to monthly posts until after I’ve purchased, renovated, and moved into my new abode. So, in other words, for a few more months my posts may be minimal. I am an absolutely horrible PR agent. AgaThor should fire me and find another free PR agent. Enough about me! You didn’t come here to find out about yet another human. You came here for….

AgaThor had a lovely Christmas. He’d never seen Christmas presents before and made sure that many of them were adorned (lovingly) with bit marks. He was really interested in Christmas lights, tried to chew on a few, so they were promptly placed out of his reach. We didn’t have a Christmas tree this year, so it seems that next year will be his first time seeing a Christmas tree with what are, no doubt, hanging AgaThor toys all over it. For Christmas, AgaThor received a manly superhero kitten bed, catnip, a baboon butt toy (?), and a few boxes to play as well as a promise that his Cat Cave (in the form of the Lego Hogwarts) is in the works. But, he wonders why in the hell his many fans didn’t provide the other items on his list. He wants me to remind everyone that he’s a Pisces, so his birthday is coming up. You have a chance at redemption.

As you can imagine, AgaThor has grown a bit since our last post. He’s around 10 lbs now. He is still wearing his Huggies’ newborn diapers when his cloth diapers are in the wash. Since he has a few months left of growing, I wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually grows into a larger diaper. Only time will tell.

AgaThor’s holiday season has been extra special because his favorite dog, Hannah, is staying with us for the holidays. She has gotten so big (almost 100 pounds!) that we’ve had to give her AgaThor’s big cage while she is here and put AgaThor in Hannah’s old cage. AgaThor doesn’t seem to mind. Despite months apart, they still love each other.  Check out the AgaThor and Hannah Holiday Reunion videos (2) and pictures (2)!



AgaThor has a big change coming for him. In February or March, his two mom’s will no longer live together. We’ve hired lawyers to determine custody and visitation rights ;). I will have him two weekends out of the month once I move across town. He hates driving in cars, so I’m a bit concerned about the commute between his two houses, but I’m hoping he’ll get used to it.

Ok, you guys don’t want to hear me blab anymore. Here are the rest of the goods!

Catnip Pictures and Video


Aphrodite and AgaThor hanging out with the catnip and new Baboon Butt toy (I didn’t buy it!)


Things are getting a little crazy, guys!

The Many Holiday Poses of AgaThor the Super Kitten…Caught on Camera! (“Damned paparazzi!” – AgaThor)



DSCN2865 (2)



AgaThor wants everyone to have a great (and safe) New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! He’d love to hear your New Year’s Resolutions, guys. AgaThor doesn’t have any since, you know, he’s perfect. Best wishes to you, your family, your friends, and your four-legged superheroes in the new year! We’ll see you in 2013.


Tales of AgaThor the Super Kitten Part 3 coming soon!

Results of the Super Kitten Costume Color Poll

It is official! AgaThor the Super Kitten’s superhero colors are Blue and Yellow. Now, we need to decide what the logo on his cape is going to look like. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them with us!

Keep your eyes open for AgaThor’s Christmas Day Special!

Tales of AgaThor the Super Kitten, Part 2: AgaThor’s Christmas List

I am drowning in paper work. Technology is supposed to make life simpler and keeping track of expenses easier. I’m not buying it. I feel like balancing my checkbook has become a daily chore. As I stare at the receipts, the bills, and my checkbook, my mind begins to wander. Just as I begin to daydream about slaying Darkspawn in a Dragon Age-like universe, something pulls me back to reality. I look down and AgaThor has a paw on my leg…and a piece of paper in his mouth.

Me: “AgaThor, what is that in your mouth? Are you playing with mommy’s bills? PLEASE don’t chew those up.”

AgaThor spits it out of his mouth and looks at me like the bratty hormonal teenage boy he is and says, “It’s my CHRISTMAS LIST! You haven’t even asked me what I want for Christmas yet. You realize it is December, right?”

Me: “You made a Christmas list? I change your diapers, give you a bath, feed and house you daily, serve as your unpaid PR agent, and you made me a Christmas list?”

AgaThor: “I’ve been very nice and saved numerous two-legged and four-legged citizens in my first nine months on this earth. I’m a superkitten. I HAVE NEEDS! And, I’m not a big fan of this speciest attitude of yours. What, humans deserve Christmas presents but badass superkittens don’t?”

He is right. If the twenty-five people on my Christmas shopping list deserve presents, why doesn’t he? Recently, he hasn’t been the nicest kitten I’ve ever met. He’s going through puberty and hasn’t been neutered. He is quite the moody one. However, the number of insects he has saved me from in the last two months alone is noteworthy. Despite that, I am still skeptical about his supposed crime-fighting and life-saving adventures.

I have to admit that his guilt trip worked like a charm. I give him a little pet on the head and reach for his Christmas list saying, “Ok, let’s see what’s on this Christmas list of yours.”


In case you can’t read his horrible handwriting or understand his horrible drawings, I’ve transcribed the Christmas list for you:

Aga4’s Xmas List

  1. Jet pack
  2. Manly superhero kitten bed
  3. Catmobile
  4. CATNIP!
  5. Police scanner
  6. Cat Cave

Am I the only one that noticed that his Xmas list is vaguely shaped like the state of Ohio? Anyway…

Me: “Why do you need a jetpack when you can fly?”

AgaThor: “It takes a lot of effort. I get SO tired.”

Me: “And, you need a car and a secret lair?”

AgaThor: “What superhero doesn’t?”

Me: “Superman doesn’t need a car.”

AgaThor: “Your mom.”

Me: “What kind of comeback was that?”

AgaThor: “OH MY GOD! A HARMLESS FLYING INSECT! Don’t worry, mom, I’ll save you!”

Me: “Thanks?”

To be continued…

Happy December!

AgaThor’s making a list of who is naught and who is nice! WHICH LIST ARE YOU ON? You better hope you are on the nice list.

AgaThor the Super Kitten has recently made overtures to Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat. He wishes to be allies (League of Extraordinary Cats) in the fight against crime, human domination and Siths. He also wishes to be a positive influence on young Anakin. He knows the force is strong with that one, but doesn’t want him to go to the dark side.

Did I type ‘Two Legged Miracle Cat’? Indeed, I did. Check it out: AgaThor is hoping that Anakin will take his overtures seriously. We await Anakin’s response.

Here is a short video of AgaThor trying to keep Cocoa’s toy away from her. Cocoa’s need for her ball finally prevails.

Another installment of Tales of AgaThor The Super Kitten is coming soon!

AgaThor’s Thanksgiving Special

AgaThor sends his greetings. He wants to remind EVERYONE that their four-legged friends need some turkey, too.

AgaThor’s  gives thanks  before eating his turkey giblet cat food:

“I am thankful for the food that I get to eat, for the cats I get to beat up, for the lovin’ I get from my mommy and grandma, for all the fans of my blog, for my new cloth diapers, for all the grooming Austin (my dog friend) gives me, and for my new friend, Cocoa.”

To celebrate Thanksgiving, here is a bevy of AgaThor pictures and videos from the last two weeks. He’s willing to embarrass himself for your enjoyment! (you’ll see what I mean below)

AgaThor was either nursing my sock or getting a little too intimate with my sock. Not sure which. Bonus: You get to hear my Aggie talk, which, of course, is ridiculous.

Meet AgaThor’s new friend, Cocoa! AgaThor immediately fell in love with her. She, however, still isnt’ quite sure.

I should really edit these photos before posting, shouldn’t I? Special Guest: My shoe.

“Check out my new cloth diapers, guys!” – AgaThor

“Check me out killing a purple mouse while wearing my new cloth diaper. I’m fierce. I’M FIERCE!” – AgaThor

“Ready for my closeup?” – AgaThor

AgaThor has decided that Artemis and Persephone are allowed to have a small part in his Thanksgiving post. Meet AgaThor’s older siblings!

Artemis, 15 1/2 years old

She, and two of her siblings, was rescued after her mother was hit by a car. She was only four days old at the time. Her eyes were still closed. My mother and I bottle fed her and her siblings every few hours, even in middle of the night or at work. Unfortunately, her two siblings (Athena and Ares) passed away within the first week. Artemis prevailed, after many vet visits and daily intravenous fluids. Much like AgaThor, due to her size and frailty, she was kept separate from the dogs and adult cats until she was several months old. Much like AgaThor has his super large dog cage (or shall we say, luxury bedroom bachelor pad), Artemis had her own baby playpen complete with a Fievel doll.

Artemis is the Alpha kitty in the household. She doesn’t dislike AgaThor. She doesn’t like him, either. She watches him from above, knowing that her ability to jump onto furniture places her at an advantage.

Persephone,  5 years old

Persephone was rescued from a cat colony when she was about four months old.  We tried to catch her two siblings as well, but were unsuccessful. She was a very scared little girl for the first two months, but soon realized that Artemis and I were good folk. She was born with a short tail (maybe 1/3 normal length?), though it was still longer than those of her siblings. It took a few weeks for her to warm up to AgaThor, but now they are good friends.

She’s a major Scooby Doo fan, so she wanted me to use this picture.

Happy Thanksgiving from AgaThor’s mom, Artemis, Persephone, and AgaThor the Super Kitten!

PS. Don’t forget to  vote in AgaThor’s superhero color poll. And, look for Tales of AgaThor the Super Kitten, Part 2 soon!

Tales of AgaThor the Super Kitten, Part 1!

Tonight, AgaThor and I had a discussion about his superhero status. He’s been mum on what his abilities are and when he uses them. Obviously, it’s not when I’m around. I really want to know. His blog is getting so popular that it’s starting to go to his head. JACKPOT! After months of trying to pry information out of him, he’s starting to brag and that means I’m getting the down low.

I asked him why I never see him use his superhero powers. He divulged that it is because human brain waves emit different frequencies while asleep than they do while awake. Basically, there is a specific frequency that human brain waves emit while awake that is like kryptonite for Super Kittens. WHO KNEW?! So, he can only use them when we aren’t home or when we are sleeping.

Me: “What are your super powers?”

AgaThor: “I can fly and I’m not scared of very much. Like, this one time, when you were sleeping, a really large spider was trying to crawl into your bed, but I snuck up on it, and then BOOOM! We were in a fight and only one of us was gonna make it out alive. I won.”

Me: “Thanks for looking out for me, AgaThor.”

AgaThor: “No probs. That’s what I’m here for.”

Me: “By the way, how do you get out of your cage when we’re not awake or at home?”

AgaThor: “Doood, obviously I have secret tunnels that you DON’T KNOW ABOUT. Helloooo! I’m a superhero!”

Me: “Oh! (rolls eyes) So, what other daring feats of superhero-ness have you done?”

AgaThor: “Last week, there was a cat about to cross the street and for obvs he was gonna get hit by a car. So, I went outside and flew in at the last-minute to drag him out from in front of the car. I mean, honestly, what’s up with outdoor cats? He was just staring into the lights…completely frozen!”

Me: “YOU WENT OUTSIDE?! You realize your back legs don’t work?! You would be easy prey for some mean dog, coyote, raccoon, or vulture.”

AgaThor: “What about SUPERKITTEN don’t you understand, woman?! When you can fly, your back legs matter a whole lot less. I can just levitate my rear end. The chicks dig it, by the way.”

Me: “Is that so? Well, then why was there a dead cat on the road two mornings ago? Why didn’t you save that cat?”

AgaThor: “RIP to my homeless homey. Can you pour some purified cat water on the ground in honor of him? He ran with the Big C gang…”

Me: “The WHAT gang? So, you’re hanging out with gang members now?”

AgaThor: “Those kids in the Big C gang are a little misguided, but they’re good guys! They just need a positive role model…”

Me: “Let me guess. They need a role model like you?”

AgaThor: “WHOA! What are you implying? ANYWAY, I mourn his loss, but my superpower IS NOT fortune-telling. I can’t predict what is going to happen. It’s just that if I see something about to happen or happening, I can do something about it. BTW, if you buy me a police scanner, I can be of a lot more use to this city. Just sayin’.”

Needless to say, friends, I am a little skeptical. I rolled my eyes at him and he just dragged his diaper-wearing ass away in a huff.

To be continued…


AgaThor: “I shall defeat The Black Paw!”

Agathor’s pretty hyped about his poll (see previous post). He can’t wait to hear everyone’s opinions on his superhero colors. He is REALLY worried the colors may clash with his fur. Please take that into consideration when voting. I’ve already sketched the pattern for his cape, now we’ll just wait to see what the results of the poll are to purchase the materials. Currently, blue and yellow are in the lead!

Agathor had a visit to the veterinarian last week. She suggested that we reconsider neutering Agathor. We’re still deciding what to do. As I mentioned in the previous post, he’s begun to test the boundaries with the other cats and challenge their status in the pecking order. However, her concerns are valid.

Agathor has begun battling his first super villain: The Black Paw. The Black Paw is Punky’s alterego. The Black Paw has the sharpest claws this side of the Mississippi. The Black Paw attacks you when you least expect it. Let the mild-mannered battle begin!

Visit us again on Wednesday for the first installment of Tales of AgaThor the Super Kitten!

Agathor needs a superhero costume. Help him decide what colors it should be. VOTE NOW!

DSCN2819 copy

Agathor needs your help. He’s trying to decide what the colors of his superhero costume should be. The poll opens today, November 11th, and will close on December 10th. You can choose one of the color combinations listed OR you can write in your own. In January, plan to see him wear his new Super Kitten cape in the winning colors!

Agathor the Super Kitten thanks you in advance!