A week in the life of AgaThor the Super Kitten

As promised, a blog that consists mainly of happy things – that is, a week in the life of AgaThor the Super Kitten as seen through pictures. The last blog post was a little heavy. I hope this one lifts your spirits!

As many of you know, AgaThor has two mom’s. One main mother, that being my own mother, and me, who helps out when she can. Last week, AgaThor, the rest of my mom’s zoo, plus my own two cats (Artemis and Persephone) were my responsibility. In other words, AgaThor and I had a major cuddle session for a week straight. Here are pictures of AgaThor as well as a few photos of his housemates, his lifestyle, his primary house, and his best friend. Enjoy!!!



“Hey, what’s up, guys?” – AgaThor




This is AgaThor’s special homemade food. If you’ve read past blog entries, you know that he has some digestive issues caused by his paralysis. What is in this cold stew, you ask? Check out the recipe below!


KMR = Kitten Milk Replacer; A/D is Science Diet canned wet food. Can you read my mother’s handwriting?



“I can barely see over this stupid cone, you guys.” – AgaThor



“My favorite thing is chillaxin’ in the sun. But, this cone is REALLY messing with my mojo. How am I going to pick up any hot chicks at the beach when I have this on?!” – AgaThor



“Having said that, I’m still a pretty handsome guy…even when wearing The Cone of Shame.” – AgaThor




This is Hannah, AgaThor’s bestest bud! Hannah only visits for about a week out of the month. But, she’s a regular around here. She and AgaThor are only a few months apart in age, hence their friendship. If you’re new to the blog, check older posts for more Hannah info, pics, and vids.




My mom has a bit of a green thumb, unlike me.



This is Austin, the oldest dog in the house. He and his brother were found on the side of the road, ribs protruding. They were about two months old at the time. We found a home for his brother. He is a shy dog; a bit of a reluctant alpha. He loves sticking his nose in the dirt (see picture above) and his man cave (his dog cage).




AgaThor loves to be scratched. Because his rear limbs are, for the most part, paralyzed, he can’t scratch himself. Scratching is one of the main duties, other than food preparation, of his human slaves.





This is Aphrodite, one of AgaThor’s housemates. I named her. All of the pets with awesome names were named by me.  Aphrodite has an alpha personality, just like AgaThor does. So, you rarely see them cuddle. Whenever I was on the couch with Aggie (one of his many nicknames. Others include ‘MagnaForce’), he ran her off if she tried to cuddle with me. “She’s all mine! ME ME ME ME ME.” <-AgaThor. Don’t worry, though. I didn’t always let AgaThor get away with it.




This is Buttons, another of Aggie’s housemates. Her and Aggie don’t interact all that much because she seems to hate other cats and craves only human attention. As you can see, she is trying to lure me into staying in bed with her so she can get more cuddles.




This is Indy. She stays in the art room at my mom’s house because she is scared of her own shadow.  As with all of the other animals in this homestead, she is a rescue. She was feral when she was rescued a few years ago. And, though she has warmed up a little, loud noises will make her run from you very easily. She’s a delicate little butterfly.




“I’m such a hot stud.” – AgaThor sunning himself in the living room





This is Brutus. Or, as I sometimes call him, Mr. Big and Beefy. Or, as my mom sometimes calls him, Boulder Head. A few years ago he (and his companion Caesar) showed up on my mom’s porch demanding love and food. How could we resist?  Caesar, though living on my mother’s property, is still feral, so petting him is rare and getting a photo of him is just as rare. Let’s just say that he is all black, like Brutus, but a bit more slender and less alpha male.  My mother already had more than enough cats inside the house, but don’t worry, folks. They are living the best life that outdoor cats can. They have cat shelters that are heated in the winter, plenty of food and love, and are both neutered. What’s the deal with their names, you ask? Well, they used to be best friends when they arrived. But, not long after, a female cat showed up and Brutus betrayed Caesar, forcing him off of the porch to make room for the new arrival. Hence, his name. She was a gorgeous long-haired tame cat that was already spayed, so, thankfully, we found her a forever home a few months after her arrival. However, there is still, even a couple of years later, tension between the two males that didn’t exist before her arrival. Is anyone interested in converting the Shakespeare tale into a tale about these two?





AgaThor and Hannah sunning themselves together in the living room.



This is the newest piece of Aggie-proof furniture. He really enjoys going up the stairs, but coming down is the problem. So, my mother has had to install this baby gate on the stairs. AgaThor simply hates it. He thinks it’s the worst thing ever.





This is Cocoa. She’s often too wiggly (excitable) to get a good picture of, so this is the best I could do. Austin, seen above, actually picked her out himself. My mother took Austin to the animal rescue and introduced different dogs to him to gauge his reaction. She was the only one that he wagged his tail for. ADOPTED!


Aggie wanted to end the blog on the best note possible, so he’s in his prim and proper pose. He promises that he would be a proper, young man if you invite him to any black tie affairs.

The next blog post will include a video. Is the suspense killing you?

This is the end. I hope you have enjoyed this post, my dear friend.


AgaThor: “I shall defeat The Black Paw!”

Agathor’s pretty hyped about his poll (see previous post). He can’t wait to hear everyone’s opinions on his superhero colors. He is REALLY worried the colors may clash with his fur. Please take that into consideration when voting. I’ve already sketched the pattern for his cape, now we’ll just wait to see what the results of the poll are to purchase the materials. Currently, blue and yellow are in the lead!

Agathor had a visit to the veterinarian last week. She suggested that we reconsider neutering Agathor. We’re still deciding what to do. As I mentioned in the previous post, he’s begun to test the boundaries with the other cats and challenge their status in the pecking order. However, her concerns are valid.

Agathor has begun battling his first super villain: The Black Paw. The Black Paw is Punky’s alterego. The Black Paw has the sharpest claws this side of the Mississippi. The Black Paw attacks you when you least expect it. Let the mild-mannered battle begin!

Visit us again on Wednesday for the first installment of Tales of AgaThor the Super Kitten!

Agathor needs a superhero costume. Help him decide what colors it should be. VOTE NOW!

DSCN2819 copy

Agathor needs your help. He’s trying to decide what the colors of his superhero costume should be. The poll opens today, November 11th, and will close on December 10th. You can choose one of the color combinations listed OR you can write in your own. In January, plan to see him wear his new Super Kitten cape in the winning colors!

Agathor the Super Kitten thanks you in advance!


Agathor the Super Kitten wants you to vote!

Tomorrow is Election Day! If you didn’t vote early, make sure you vote tomorrow. To find out about the candidates on your local ballot and to find your polling place, visit the League of Women Voters at http://www.lwv.org/. Agathor is fully invested in this issue. He wants me to tell you that he will come to get you if you don’t vote.

If I have to wear a diaper, the least you guys can do is vote. If you don’t, I’m gonna make a visit. Believe me when I say that you don’t want that.” – Agathor the Super Kitten

He means business, guys. He overheard me say I was sick and tired of this election nonsense and so he attacked me. I couldn’t walk for two days afterwards. So, you best get out and vote. OR.ELSE.

Agathor’s October Extravaganza!

It is November. Time flies by when you’re having fun with Agathor! I’m going to put all of October into one blog post, so that I can officially catch up to the present day. I hope you don’t mind, my friends.

Agathor continues to grow. He is now almost eight months old! It is hard to believe. He is now larger than Persephone, who is almost six. Admittedly, Persephone is a small cat. But, it is still hard to believe. The kitty clothing didn’t work out for him. I had hoped he’d get used to wearing it. He’s a cat. ‘Nuff said. Thankfully, as he’s grown larger, he now fits into newborn diapers and they don’t come off of him. Yeah, human newborn baby diapers. I said it. You’ll get to see some Agathor-with-newborn-diaper-on action in the photos and vids later in this post. Yay!

We still haven’t neutered Agathor and it’s really starting to show. He’s been trying to bully every cat in the house, even those who are clearly alpha cats. My alpha just seems to put up with him and avoid him when possible. For instance, jumping on a chair or bed which Agathor can’t get to. However, my mom’s alpha, Punky, lives up to her name. At first she put up with it, when he still looked like he wasn’t a threat. Now that he’s gained weight and is only a few pounds lighter than her, she’s decided to defend her territory. On numerous occasions, Agathor attack her and then it is HIM running from HER. Hahaha. You think I’m mean for laughing? Maybe. But, I think it’s important he learns he’s the new kid on the block and he needs to stop bullying the other cats.

We are currently brainstorming when we think it best he gets neutered. We both are concerned because he already has so many issues in the lower half of his body AND any incisions may get infected since he can’t use a litterbox. I might have to take off of work just so I can be with him for a few days in a row after the procedure. So, you see why it isn’t an easy decision for us.

I’m happy to report he is still as happy as can be. He’s grown increasingly loving, though he still has the wild kitten side to him. I think he considers himself one of the dogs. He has his own cage, just like they do, where he gets fed separately from the others….just like they do! Maybe that’s why he loves dogs so much.

Agathor has a new friend named Hazel (a two year old dog circa 35 lbs). Hazel was greeted Agathor style on her first day! As soon as we put Hazel in her cage, Agathor ran over and began rubbing himself all over her cage and reaching in with his paws. She was weary at first, but Agathor soon has her wrapped around his paws, as you can imagine. I will post pics of Hazel and Agathor in the November blog posts.

Lastly, my Artemis and Persephone have begun demanding their own blog post. Then my mom’s cats chimed in too. They don’t realize I simply don’t have the time. I convinced them that occasionally I would post pics of them on Agathor’s blog. It took a lot of convincing, so I hope you don’t mind if occasionally I slip in a pic or a vid of them.  Ok, so much for words, you guys want to see pics and vids. I wish I could say they were more exciting, but it seems like every time that Agathor did something totally crazy, I didn’t have a camera on me. Either way, I hope this will quench your Agathor thirst.  Until next time.

Agathor and Persephone playing. Persephone has the advantage and she knows it. (October 1)


I guess I can’t beat up Persephone…so I’ll just beat up you, mom. (October 1)


My friend Hannah is a back for a visit. It is LERV time. (October 3)

“MOM! Agathor won’t leave me alone! I’m taking refuge on Mountain Geek.” – Persephone (October 8)


“DUDE!” – Agathor (October 22)


“The sun is my favorite. Especially when I’m doing yoga!” – Agathor (October 22)


“Food. FOOD. FOOD!!! Stevie Nicks is my favorite.” – Agathor (October 22)

“I’m gonna kill this dead flower. RAWR!” – Agathor (October 22)

“I think I should be the next model for Pampers. CHECK.THIS.OUT!” – Agathor (October 29)



“This piece of paper is going down, guys.” – Agathor (October 30)

“I have a wild hair up my ass! Or, maybe it’s just the diaper ON my ass…” – Agathor (October 30)

“The paper ball has evaded me today! I shall have my revenge! What? Yes, my tail is puffed. It’s simply how I roll, guys!” – Agathor (October 30)


Oh, wait…

A belated Happy Halloween from Brutus and Caesar, the porch cats!


Agathor’s Street Cred – September 2012

finally getting around to the September blog post. I am sorry to say that it is pretty meager as far as audiovisual materials go.

Agathor outgrew the onesie/harness combo quickly (see the last post for images). We had to sew another one together, which you can see on him in the pictures below. Despite how awesome that particular invention was, he hasn’t adjusted to it. He just lays down and sleeps. When he did try and walk, he fell over after a few steps. It was obvious that either it was messing with his equilibrium or he simply wasn’t willing to learn to walk in it. Towards the end of September, we finally gave up.  I have to admit I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t tell everyone that I had a male kitten that wore a maxi pad with wings.

As he grew larger, he gained even more confidence. Or, should that ‘became more arrogant’? In September, he began challenging my alpha cat (Artemis) and my mom’s alpha cats (Aphrodite and Punky). This may be because he still isn’t neutered. Why isn’t he neutered? We’ve been worried about neutering him since his testicles never descended. So, they would need to do surgery in his abdomen to neuter him. As you know, he already has plenty of medical issues in his rear end as is. But, worry not, folks, he will get neutered!  He’s so mad I just told you about his testicles. “That’s so embarrassing, mom!”

Anyway, Punky put him in his place rather quickly. Let’s just say that when she was finished with him, he hid from her for a few daaayyyyz. But, he’s always the optimist, so he is back at it!  Surprisingly, Artemis just tolerates it. I think she realizes that all she has to do is jump on the bed or in a chair and she’s rid of him. He’s giving me hateful glares. He is a Super Kitten. How is he supposed to keep his street cred when I’m saying things like this about him online?!

Agathor is still struggling during bath-time. When I went to get him for a bath a few days ago, he ran up the stairs as fast as he could. His poor knees had to be bruised after that! Thankfully, we have invested in some pet wipes so we don’t have to give him a bath unless he’s a big mess. These are the ones we are using: http://amzn.com/B001F0RCC8.

Ok, here are the few pics I have from September. I have more stuff for October posts (including video)!


This outfit makes me tired, guys.



Lastly, I saw some awesome cat art at the Mid Ohio Comic Con and just HAD to buy it. Check it out: http://www.jennyparks.com/lokitty-and-thorkitty/. It is AgaThor’s namesake!!!


Mid-Late August 2012 – Agathor’s Crazy Antics

Time for another blog post. I still am not caught up to the present, am I? I will try to do so soon. As I’m sure you’ll be able to see from the photos, Agathor is growing fast. His legs hadn’t really improved since the last post, though, as always, we were experimenting with new ways to create a diaper for him. Until we find one that works for him, he runs around the house when we have the ability to check up on him regularly (and to clean up any messes he makes!). He’s officially decided he doesn’t like to get baths, despite our hopes that he’d learn to accept them. He struggles and it has become difficult to bathe him sometimes.

I’m beginning to think he doesn’t have control over his bladder and bowels like most cats. This might make sense since he doesn’t have complete control of his legs. This makes it all the more pertinent that we figure out a way for him to either have a diaper, or construct some low litterbox so that we aren’t cleaning up our carpets and hardwood floors so often. While he still has the ability to get so wild that he bites when you’re trying to pet him, as all kittens do, he’s grown just enough that he now rubs on our legs and enjoys being pet, even if for only two minutes. As you can imagine, when we notice he’s going in for a leg rubbing, we nearly have to stop for fear we will trip over him and injure him further.

He often comes to visit me and my two cats (Artemis and Persephone) in my office when I’m tweeting, gaming, or watching a movie. Below are some pictures from one such visit on August 17th. He’s taken an interest in my Scotty Star Trek figure.

“Aaargh, Cap’n. We are under attack!”

“Mommy, I was NOT hurting Scotty. I have no laser beam eye. I swearz.”

Just hangin’ out, guys. Am I hot, or what?

Aphrodite visiting Agathor and I in my office.


This little fella was created by my mother and grandmother in mid-August. They took the lower half of the newborn onesies and sewed it to a miniature dog harness. We then put a “diaper” (a maxi pad) in the lower half, making sure to cute a hole for his tail. The first two times we tried to get him in this, he was mortified. He’d let us put it on. Then, he refused to move. For hours. I’m sure it messed with his balance. I felt we’d have to force him to wear it until he adjusted to it. Unfortunately, since we are gone for long times during the day (at work) and we didn’t feel comfortable leaving it on him unattended, he was often not in it. One day we found him with his lower jaw stuck under the collar. This was the very reason we were not willing to put him in it when he wasn’t with us. It was obvious it needed more work, but it was the best thing we’d come up with since he came into our lives. The work continues.


Enjoy this video of Agathor trying to save me from a bug. You get to see why we don’t let him go near steps unless we’re right next to him. You get to see him use his knees for balance and to “arch” his back when he gets excited. AND…you get to see him run! It is 1 and a half minutes of pure fun. Guest Star: Aphrodite and THE BUG.

That ends the post for tonight. Have a great weekend!

Early August / Agathor circa 5 months old

As Agathor’s physical therapy progressed, he began using his back legs reflexively. When excited, he would use his knees to balance himself so he could arch his back, etc. However, the movements seemed only reflexive at this point. One of his legs does work a bit better than the other. He is still unable to scratch his ear/neck, though he can bring his foot up to that location.

As with all of the cats we’ve ever had, he’s developed several nicknames: Aggie, Aga4, and Thor. He responds to all of them :). My mother is discussing the possibility of creating a kid’s graphic novel about the exploits of AgaThor the Super Kitten. Her wrist was broken at the time, but when it heals properly, she will begin sketching a few items.

Hannah came for another visit. Enjoy the short video!

We continued trying to develop a diaper for him. We purchased some newborn jumpers to try and test them out on him. Here is the stack of jumpers we purchased:

Needless to say, we knew we would need to hem the items to fit Agathor. We wanted to see what his reaction to wearing it was, so we tried it on him prior to redesigning it. He’s a cat. We thought he’d probably hate it. He did. Enjoy the following pictures and video!



Just chillin’ with his kitty toy.

And, lastly, see how easily he gets it off! (short video)


*The noises in the background are Hannah, the Super Hyper Puppy

Agathor circa 4 months old

We had a very busy end of June and beginning of July 2012, so there aren’t many pictures of Agathor from that period. We’d been continuing to do his physical therapy and one of his legs showed improvement. We tried building him a low litter box that using the top of an office box with shredded newspapers to potty train him, but it did not work. Once again, dragging his lower back end made it impossible to keep him clean. In his first few weeks with us, we bathed him about once or twice a day. Around July, we began bathing him two or three times a day. For the most part, he let us bathe him. We were hopeful since we’d started him so young, that he would grow accustomed to the baths and be ok with them for the rest of his life.

We also tried a few more diaper-type solutions. My mother sewed a vinyl “diaper” with elastic at the waist and around the legs. It was disastrously hilarious, as I’m sure all of you can image. I’m sad to say that I don’t have any photos of Agathor wearing that particular item. It was too bulky and Agathor acted like it was a torture device.

Towards the end of July, he was able to get one of his back legs up to his ear/neck to scratch it, but still wasn’t able to actually make the necessary motion to finalize the action. Whenever we see him in this position, we run over to scratch it for him. It must be infuriating not being able to scratch an itch!

Below are some pictures from July 27th and 28th. They introduce one of Agathor’s first furry friends, Hannah. Hannah is a dog that we sometimes board while her owners are out of town. She is a humongous Yellow Lab puppy. She and Agathor took to one another immediately. We realized quickly that we were unable to let them loose at the same time. Despite Hannah’s love for Agathor, she didn’t realize her own strength. She is much larger than he is. We developed a system of putting one in a dog cage while the other is loose.

Disclaimer: Because of Agathor’s special needs, we have taken a very large dog cage and turned it into his personal play land. When we are unable to be with him, we want to make sure he is safe. We have a large dog and a few larger cats and we wouldn’t want them to accidentally hurt him. Also, he does daring and crazy things like: climb curtains with no way down and running up the stairs then slowly falling back down them. So, though I realize having a cage for him may seem cruel, we are, in fact, trying to keep him safe when we aren’t home. This is why he has a big dog cage.

Ok, here are the pictures!

Agathor’s power pose

Agathor making a point: I’m tough

Will you be my friend?


Can we play while you are on grandma’s lap? YES!

Wait. We’re being spied on!

Agathor! Circa 9 weeks old

After taking Agathor to the vet and then consulting a physical therapist, we decided to start exercising his back legs. Because the cause of the injury was unknown, nor when it happened, both specialists believed there was a chance he may regain use of one of his back limbs. You’ll probably have noticed his back legs don’t look as odd as they did when he was a few weeks old. He gained muscle and a little more reflexive movement.

Here are two pictures for your enjoyment. One is Agathor doing the splits while playing with his favorite toy. It was an old dog toy that he stole from Austin, our ten year old dog. We finally had to get rid of it after Hannah, a visiting puppy, destroyed it. The other picture is of the next diaper we tried for Agathor. It, too, was a failed expirement.

You’ll notice that Agathor’s fur is no longer white on his back end. After weeks of dragging his lower limbs around, the fur has become stained a cream color. We do wash him on a regular basis, but after a while, the discoloration was permanent.